Connect to Wifi

Access Unit #40 WiFi

In order to better assist our families, Effingham Unit #40 is providing our users with the ability to drive up to our the following schools to access our Wifi network: a
ccess is available in the parking lots of EHS, EJHS, Central, Southside, and ELC, as long as you park up close the building.   At EHS, you will want to be near the main entrance by the Hearts Rock Café.   At EJHS, you will want to be in the parking strips on the north side of the gym.   At all other buildings, just get as close as you can without breaking the law !

The Guest network is open to students to access with their personal devices.  Keep in mind that Acceptable Use Policy clearly states that use of the district network is for the sole purpose of education or research consistent with the educational objectives of the district and for legitimate school business use. 

 In order for students to access the district network, a certificate must be installed on the personal computer.  The purpose of this certificate is to secure the communications between the personal device and the district content filter. 


Please find the link that corresponds to the device you are using.
Windows 10

Also, here is a link to a statewide guide of free available hotspots.